Multi Room AV

  • Watch any HD device throughout your property (Sky boxes, Blueray, Apple TV, Netflix, etc.)
  • Start watching a programme in one room and carry on watching in another
  • All equipment is stored neatly in an AV rack, meaning no cables or boxes on show
  • Listen to music throughout property using iphone/ipad
  • Have separate zones of music throughout property
  • Brilliant for parties, entertainment
  • Listen to movies throughout property through speakers

Multi Room AV

A Multi Room Audio Visual system can help to transform your home into a fully connected multimedia experience, enabling you to watch TV, stream videos and listen to music anywhere inside your home and around your property.

We can elevate your living space by unobtrusively installing exciting, high-end audiovisual systems all over your home, and enabling you to enjoy multi room media. Imagine being able to watch your favourite programme while soaking in the bath and continuing where you left off while relaxing in the garden – multi room AV is convenient and relaxing.

By wiring your home for sound and video, you can enjoy your media without interruption no matter where you go.

Multi Room Music

Multi Room Music gives you the power to listen to crisp, clear audio throughout your home, whether you want to play the same song throughout your space or listen to something completely different in every room. These systems are ideal for parties and your daily life, as you can create separate musical ‘zones’ throughout your property, both inside and out.

Transform your home into a full audio experience with a sophisticated, multi room music system. Our Multi Room Music audio options will give you access to the finest sound imaginable, all controlled by a touch screen panel that allows you to select tracks from your iTunes library, CDs, Spotify or other media library options. Watching films will never be the same – listen to movies or television programs throughout your property.

Our skilled engineers will work with you to create a bespoke Multi Room Audio system that blends seamlessly into our home décor. No messy wires or cords – our speakers are invisible to the eye, yet pack massive power.

Contact us today to get started and we will create the perfect Multi Room Audio system for your home.

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