Savant Smart Home Automation

About Savant Home Automation & Control

What is Savant?

Savant provides pioneering home automation products, designed to improve the way you live. They are a leading manufacturer of high quality home automation systems thanks to their understanding and intuitive use of smart technology. It is for this reason that their products can be found in a variety of locations ranging from a standard home to luxurious castles and the odd yacht.

Savant have taken note of the exponential improvement in technology and have consequently ensured their products followed suit in all aspects; from sleek design to technological efficacy. A prime example of moulding to fit ever-changing trends is Savant’s smooth transition to creating home automation products that are easy to use, mobile friendly and futuristic. If a sophisticated, sleek, yet cost effective product is what you’re after then you’ve come to the right place.


What does Savant do?

Savant products are extremely versatile and control a multitude of services including:

Climate Control
Air conditioning (HVAC)

Surveillance & Security
Gate Entry

Intelligent Lighting
TV & Audio/ Sound Distribution
Home Cinema
Energy Management

All of which can be controlled via the remote of your choice, whether it be a tablet, remote control or smart phone.

Savant systems are solely produced to improve your inimitable lifestyle so we will do much more than just fitting the tech-savvy home automation system. We will also ensure to discuss and analyse your unique requirements, no matter how large or small, to ultimately provide you with the complete solution.


What do Savant systems look like?

These high tech home automation systems are exceptionally innovative and will revolutionise your home experience. Despite being highly technologically advanced they are sleek and easy to use, with clear displays that can be used interchangeably amongst all interfaces including apps and tablets.
Furthermore, whether you’d prefer to use it as a wired or wireless product, it will still function equally as efficiently. Whether or not you choose to place it in an area where cable access is restricted then it is a sophisticated enough product to still function optimally.


What are Savant systems?

Savant is effectively the nucleus of your home; it allows you to be in control of lighting, entertainment, climate control and more through amalgamating the various control points/ remotes into one revolutionary system.

It’s intelligently versatile and a pleasure to use. Picture being able to switch on your television and close the curtains whilst dimming the lights, and all from the same device – how much simpler would life be! Well Savant have made that possibility a reality. Having combined performance and aesthetics to leave you with a cutting edge home automation system.

Our reliable design, install, program and support services are available at short notice and will be completed to a high standard. Areas we cover include London, Essex – Loughton, Epping, Brentwood, Chigwell, Buckhurst Hill, Caledon Hatch and Ware.


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